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Show my registrations

  • Registrations are shown under the menu «My registrations» on the page «Registrations overview». The page have two main parts – organisation structure to the left and a display area for registrations to the right called «Show registrations with attributes», consisting of selection tools at top and a display table below

  • At start, select from which level or node in the organisation to show registrations from. Current choice is marked with a green color in the organisation map

  • If you want to diplay registrations only from the selected node or include sub-levels use the radio  buttons «Yes» or «No» under the text «Include subdepartments»

  • In the selection field «Registration form» all forms used is shown as a drop-down list when cursor is clicked in the field and all registration for a specific type of registration form will be displayed by cliocking a preferred choice

  • Similar for the selection fields «Source state» and «Message state»

  • The selection field «Registration number» look up the typed registration number  – minimum 1 caracter  and the search is activated by clicking outside the field (frame of field change from red to blue)

  • The selection field «Date – last changed» display registration forms where a change og modification have occurred after the specified date

  • By combining the selection fields it should be quick to find and display any choice of registration forms.


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