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Create new organisation

  • You need the organisation number for the organisation, registered in Brønnøysundregistrene (BRREG)

  • Click the menu button «User information» and the button «Register organisation»

  • Quote the organisation number, click «enter» and wait a short time. EMS retrieve automatically information about name and address from BRREG

  • Fill in obligatory fields marked with *

  • More information for some fields  by holding cursor over the tip symbol  

  • It is important to tag relevant information about type of organisation and activity areas  in the lower section on the page  where these are organized in node structures

  • The tagged choices are listed to the right in the section field

  • Click save and you will be routed to the  summary page «Organisation overview» under the menu «My organisation»

  •  On the summary page a hierarchic organisation structure  is presented to the left and more detailed information about the organisation to the right

  • Selected node in the organisation structure (left side) is marked with a green field over the actual name and from this node, you can make changes and selections. Move to another node by clicking the new node of interest

  • At the bottom, left side, two command buttons are located, «Create department» and «Create room/placement»

  • To the right side are located  command buttons to «Edit» information, «Assign new user» and buttons to administer user roles as well as a  «Save» button  to store changes made.


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