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About source state and registration state

  • Source state is information about the present state, accomplished or planned event related to the radiation source

  • Source state can have the values:

    • Pending – Registration state  is not decided or unknown when the registration is sent to DSA

    • In use – The radiation source is in use or will be taken into use as soon as the message about the source is  finally proceeded by NRPA

    • Out in use/In storage - The radiation source not in use, placed in storage etc.

    • Leased –  The radiation source is leased out or it is planned for lease to another organisation

    • Sold – The radiation source is  sold or it is planned for sale to another organisation

    • EE-waste/scrapped – The radiation source is  scrapped, delivered as EE-waste

    • Disposed – The radiation source is  disposed to national depository for radioactive waste

    • Returned to dealer – The radiation source is returned  to dealer or supplier

    • Missing – The radiation source is  missing, unknown where it  is

    • Stolen – The radiation source is stolen

    • Registration failed –  The message about the registration of the radiation source has failures,  is double registered,  wrong registration form or other failure

  • In display mode (see «Show my registrations») some additional values for source state is possible:

    • All – Displays all registrations independent of source state

    • All except historical -  Displays all registrations except those marked as historical – This is the default value in the menu «My registrations»

    • Historical – Registrations which seldomly is needed to diplay, but do have a history. Registration state  values marked as historical are: Sold, Moved, Missing, Stolen, Diposed, Registration failed, EE-waste/scrapped, Returned to dealer, Lease ended, Organisation closed down

    • Requires attention – An uncomplete registration – having not all information when submitted such as serial number, area of use, missing confirmation from counterpart regarding sale or lease, pending source state etc. In the menu "My registrations" registrations which requires attention  is marked with a transparent pink color.

    • Moved – Radiation sources moved internally in the organisation. An action involving internal movement of a radiation source will not be submitted to NRPA for confirmation

  • To report a change in «source state» use the button «Edit», select new «source state”,  Click save and send to to NRPA for processing and confirmation

  • Registration state is a property describing the phase for the registration in the process between the organisation and NRPA

  • Registration state can have the values:

    • Draft –  A registration commenced and saved by the organisation but not submitted to NRPA

    • Submitted – A registration submitted to DSA

    • Under Work – A registration under processing by DSA

    • Finished – A registration finished and confirmed by DSA

  • In addition registration state is given a quadratic colored symbol showing its value when cursor is moved over the symbol.

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