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Create report

  • For making reports – click the menu «Reports» and the page  «Report about registrations» will appear

  • Six selection bars are shown called: 1) Select: departments, rooms, etc., 2) Registration form, 3) Device type, 4) Date of acquisition, 5) Source state, and 6) Registration state

  • Under these selection bars choices can be made regarding the basis for the report and it is produced by clicking the button «Filter»

  • After a short time the result is visible on the right with a button «EXCEL» appearing and a password generated. Is is also shown graphics with a horizontal diagram or a table ( depending on the choices of parameters)

  • Copy the given password  – click on «EXCEL» - paste the password in the dialog window and the Excel-file wil l show up with all form values.

  • Then use standard EXCEL-tools to make the final report and presentation

  • To make a new report – remember first to «Clear filter».










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