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Building the organisation structure

  • It is appropriate to build an organisational structure in EMS which reflects the actual organisation with departments, sub departments, room/placement etc.

  • Two buttons are available for making an organisational structure; «Create department» and “Create room/placement»

  • To create a department, click «Create department» and you are routed to the page «Create new department level in the organisation»

  • Fill in obligatory fields marked with *

  • More information for some fields by holding cursor over the tip symbol

  • Make sure that department is placed at correct node – use the node-field at top: «Select level for new department in the organisation»

  • In some organisations departments have their own organisation numbers and the field organisation number can be used

  • When creating registrations about radiation sources, these must be connected to a room or placement in a department

  • Room/placement is created by clicking «Create room/placement», fill in obligatory fields marked with* on the page “Create room/placement in department”, Make sure that room/placement is connected to correct department and finish by clicking «Confirm and create». Room/placement has light green font color in the organisation overview to the left.

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